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Apr 24, 2020

Sanitizer Booth Advance



Length 2400 X Width 2300 X Height 1200

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Sanitizer Booth Advance

Sanitizer Booth Advance is a sanitisation tunnel that aids in decreasing the infection rates of viruses by sanitising the whole body. This is done by the utilisation of a misting sanitiser that is sprayed as the person walks through the booth. Built-in sensors activate the spray only when it detects occupancy and this allows the sanitiser to be used as economically as possible.


Our Advanced Booth comes pre-assembled and can be used immediately after delivery. Just connect the sanitiser, plug in the power and you are in operation. The booth is portable enough to be moved if needed.

There are no side effects to sensitive parts of the body such as skin and eyes with the sanitiser that is supplied with Sanitizer Booth Advance. Preliminary tests have shown that a 5l sanitiser lasts about 5 days which is also dependant on the amount of traffic.

We are mindful that certain sites may require larger booths. The Sanitizer Booth Advance can be customised to specific sizes if needed.

There is no need for specialised tools or expensive manpower to set up the Sanitizer Booth Advance. It’s as simple as ‘use on delivery’


  • Skin: Pre-coated Alu Zinc 0,47mm with a silicone polyester coating
  • Insulation: Value: Dimensions: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) 15 OV self extinguishing (from 40mm-250mm, Std is 50mm thick) 0,55 W / M2 degrees centigrade for 50mm panel
  • Walls – 2300mm / Roof – 1200mm with a length of 2400mm (unless requested otherwise)
  • Water absorption:  Negligible


  • Pressure supply: constant
  • Stop / Start: Automatic function
  • Motor Power: 0,75kW
  • Pressure: 2 – 4,5 bar
  • Flow: 5 – 66l / m
  • Warranty: 2 Years


  • Manifold: Nickel plated forged brass manifold (No rust or corrosion) moves forward
  • Design: Dual bearing design to lower both noise and heat levels
  • Misting frequency: Dual assembly with setting for minutes or seconds
  • Misting economy: Using atomized mist reduces the amount of sanitizer that is used
  • Sensors: Beams activated at entry and auto stop function (Depending on time settings implemented)
  • Pump economy: Internal rinse cooling design to increase the lifespan of the pump
  • Production: The tunnels are locally manufactured and are made of high quality materials (Insulated panels with Cromadek white)
  • Nozzle Pressure: 1000 psi operating pressure for optimal misting effect using the narrowest orifice nozzles
  • Overall Pressure: Working pressure of 65-70 kilogram force centimeter square and a suction volume of 0.9-1/min.
  • Mist Manifold: SS instrument High Pressure mist manifold with 6 by 0.2mm sanitising misting nozzles



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